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vorhandenheit, occurentness Discomfort
10 years kunstnonstop, Heartgallery

a detail of a microbe chair A chair in a baby chair

a big bull and a bird Kerbau Suci
art collection Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, The Hague

a sculpture made of steel/ Expectate et Laborate
a monumental sculpture at Genemuiden,
art collection Genemuiden

six sulptures for a governement building Province House commission, Zwolle
art collection Overijssel Zwolle

Le Chêne in five colours Le Chêne in colour
art collection Zwolle

a bull on a pipe A pipe
A metamorphosis from a wooden to a cast-iron pipe

Chinese characters, my chinese name BEN MA drawings on paper
design for public spaces

exhibition in Belgium Sculpture Biennale
Beerse, Belgium

a sculpture made of steel in colours with neon of 8 meters height Light and Air
art collection Hengelo

a sculpture made of steel  with colours and neon of 8 meters height Perge
Alfa morgenland College, Hoogeveen

a sculpture made of steel 'Once there was a maiden keen....' A sculpture for toddlers 2009

a bronze sculpture of a cup and a bird Nomen Nescio commision, Enschede

a dancing eg 'Behind the basilica' in Hengelo
polyester sculptures in Hengelo

mailto een link naar youtube over mijn werk dutch german

info, articles and news:

news: Nomen Nescio nomen nescio
Art in the Keukenhof 2019

Exhibition in the parc of the castle Stapelen A visitor of the exhibition kisses the air like the salmon of Lugh
The Salmon of Lugh in Boxtel

Reveals again L'oiseau déraciné L'oiseau déraciné
during the conference Bon Voyage of Theodor van der Velde, Saxion

Ten Rabbit goes 'round the world Ten Rabbit
SCULPTURES INSIDE(beelden binnen) First floor NS-Station Hengelo
organisation Startion

SCULPTURE-EXPO 11 X SOLO nomen nescio
in the Hortus Botanicus in Haren

"The rabbit has a pair of scissors" a green rabbit
a sculpture voor the Circulus Berkel company,

Exhibition in the PETpaviljoen roombeker
organisation "kunst boven het maaiveld"

"Eyecatcher" 2014 The Salmon of Lugh
Exhibition in the Keukenhof, the most
beautiful spring garden in the world

Animations drawings of an ostrich
inspired by The Human and Animal Locomotion
Photographs of Eadweard Muybridge

The living forest
Five creatures and one egg
in cooperation with Wout Zweers


The Praise of Folly

The Salmon of Lugh
An exhibition in Auxiliatrix, Venlo

Genius of place map of Münsterland, Germany
Münsterland Germany

Neighbour Cherry in Tokio a cherry
It makes the impossible possible

A windobject in the Dutch polder a duck in the low landsland of Holland
A festival of music, poetry and art near the river

C'est une girafe/This is a giraffe a girafe in the shape of a hare
A giraffe for Beerse,Belgium

Exhibition in Vries a bull on a traffic sign
by SPG (Drenthe in the North of Holland)

It´s not that neon letters in front of the building
22 november 2006 Collection Dutch Parliament
Het Logement van de Heeren van Amsterdam

Le petite dejeuner sur l'herbe a haytedder , a snake, birds and note's with neonlight
collection Hans-Georg Lürwer, Nordhorn, Germany

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On the Genealogy of Morals a story about our morality
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