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Landscape, men, nature, trees, plants, birds. A third of all species you can observe with the naked eye. To see the other two-thirds of the world I took the train on a Sunday morning and went to Artis Micropia, in Amsterdam Looking through a microscope I dived into the world of microbes, an "invisible" world, and a hidden landscape. I saw how important it is to understand the invisible world of the microbes and realised that we would not be alive without micro-organisms.

At the entrance of the museum I received a card. At the exhibition there are also thirty stamp devices. If you put your card in it you get a stamp of one of the hundred million species of microbes as a reward.

I used them as an example of my amazement.

tow chairs


a-chair on my table

In Holland the baby chair plays a central and fundamental role in the development of children. For a child the high chair is a familiar place. From their own safe place they observe, who, what, where, why and how things happen as they happen. With safety the child begins to explore. I use the most basic form in western art, the straight line. The chair is originally designed by Gerrit Rietveld a Dutch architect 1888-1964). He was a member of De Stijl movement. The idea of De Stijl was the creation of a universal aesthetic language. The chair was made of wood with leather.

Instead of a finished angle that ends and closes everything, the lines and planes of the chair pass each other at nodal points. The chair is a spatial composition. The space outside the construction gets all the attention. Architecture, art and landscape.






A chair



baby chair

Every human being is a densely populated ecosystem with habitats whose inhabitants are as diverse as the animals in the jungle, the desert or the ocean. I made a chair of microbes in a baby chair of the De Stijl. It's so above, so below. If we take care of theme, they (mostly) will take care of us. They are our traveling companions. I place a visible popular (Dutch) pet near /on the chair because a pet evokes empathy and is an invitation to take care of our invisible pets, a chair in a baby chair. a pet in a chair in a baby chair


drawing Art, a verb, is also about sharing the way we experience the world. A starting point in this world can be the popular culture because of its accessibility to the masses. A typical feature is enlarging daily objects, sometimes to massive proportions. The proposal consists of a chair in a baby chair and a pet. What is small I make it large and what is large I make it small. How large? On the tip of a needle one million microbes can be obser-ved. The material on the (photo) 3d sketch model looks like silver but its recycled (tomato) tin-plate. The artwork (It can be smaller or bigger but the pro- portions will be the same) will be H 4, 2 X W 2,1 x L 1.6 meter; material baby chair and "microbe chair" 3745 tin cans. The pet H 2.1 x W 1, 24 x L 0, 52 meter is made cardboard.





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