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Ten Rabbit goes 'round the world

Ten Rabbit goes ‘round the world

Traveling. Far away or nearby. Full of adventure, keen to see it all but in familiar surroundings. Places you’ve heard of before, or seen in a movie or on TV, read about in a book... And the destination should be reached as soon as possible.

Consider a house on wheels. A caravan. Or a camper. Attach this to an airplane and a new vehicle is created. Something Ten Rabbit wishes to dream about.

“Ten Rabbit goes ‘round the world” shows Ten Rabbit who is sitting on the roof of a caravan and flies up into the sky with the help of an airplane. The sculpture swings from the ceiling. It should be clear: the desired destination will never be reached ... will it?

The sculpture swings and at the background of the room there is an electrical switch-box that is out of order. The functions are all off, they have disappeared!

What could I oppose here? What is available? ... Imagination.
I switch on all of the buttons and restart the electrical switch-box. Ten Rabbit likes to choose the virtual world. Flying around without nausea or ringing ears. Now he could easily fly from this room to Mexico or Münsterland.

Ten Rabbit goes ‘round the world